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City of Austin Tree Permits

The city of Austin has a comprehensive tree protection ordinance. There are multiple categories of protected size classes. Two different city departments are responsible for enforcing tree protection depending on the location of the tree. Austin Tree Experts is knowledgable about tree permitting requirement in the City of Austin; we know the right people to talk to and how to prepare the paperwork.

Tree Mitigation

We can help develop tree mitigation plans for city of Austin protection requirements. Whether you are developing a 60 neighborhood, commercial site or single family residential property we can help. Many times, if you contact us during the development phase, we can significantly reduce mitigatoin requirements. From planning to implementation, we can provide all the consulting and tree services you need.

Tree Removal Permits

Removing a protected size tree in the city of Austin requires a tree removal permit. If the tree is dead, diseased or a hazard to public safety, the city will grant a permit for no charge. If you want to remove a tree otherwise, there is a $52 fee. In many cases the city will require a formal tree evaluation from a certified arborist. Trees are protected based on their trunk diameter at breast height, or DBH. Measure the circumfrence of the tree at 4½' above ground level and divide by 3.14 to obtain the trees DBH. There are often complexities that make taking this measurement tricky, so you may want to have an arborist measure for you. Trees 19" DBH and larger are protected on residential sites. Trees 8" DBH and larger are protected on commercial and multi-family sites. The species of tree does not determine if it is protected. All species are protected, however, the city will often grant tree removal permits for invasive trees.

Trees in the Right of Way (ROW)

Trees located within the ROW belong to the city. Special permission is required to remove any tree 2" DBH and larger. Failure to obtain a permit for removing a tree in the ROW is very costly.

Construction sites

Please see our construction sites page.