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Construction Site Tree Protection Services

Construction kills more urban trees than any pest or disease. One of the saddest things we see in this line of work is when construction on a house causes the death of the trees that were the reason a homeowner bought a piece of property in the first place. The damage associated with construction activity can include soil compaction, root damage, and wounding of the trunk or branches. The damage from construction often lingers for years and can be mistaken for many other problems.

Tree Health Issues

Austin Tree Experts specialize in tree protection. Our arborists are available both for pre- and post-construction consults. We strongly recommend a consult with a certified arborist prior to beginning any construction, remodel, or landscaping project that might impact your tree's root zone. Simple steps taken at the beginning of the process can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in remediation and treatment. However, even if you've finished construction there are still many things that can be done to address the harm to the trees caused by construction.

Code Compliance

We're familiar with the city ordinance requirements related to trees in Austin and the surrounding communities and can provide you guidance through the permitting process. We also work with architects and builders to advise on tree protection prior to and during larger commercial projects. In addition, we provide follow up tree care per City of Austin requirements on protected and heritage trees. See more under the Healthy Tree Program page.