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Tree Diagnosis & Inspection

consulting arborist services

Our most frequent consultation request is for inspection to diagnose a particular problem or to assess the general health of a tree. Our standard inspection includes a basic visual assessment from the ground of the tree and the property, as well as a discussion with you to determine the history of the site and the tree. We'll detail recommendations for things you can do yourself to help the tree. We'll also provide prices for our services. For customers in our primary service area the consultation fee can usually be applied towards the cost of any subsequent work. A written summary of inspection is available upon request. We do ask that you be present for the inspection or at the very least available by phone.

Occasionally we'll find a problem with the tree that will require more work to properly inspect. This will generally involve either climbing into the canopy to investigate issues that can't be resolved from the ground, or will require excavation of the soil around the trunk. We may need to send off tissue or soil samples for testing. Very occasionally drilling or tomography may be recommended to assess the extent of decay. None of these services are covered in the basic consultation fee. If any of these are recommended the arborist will discuss the additional measures with you before proceeding or scheduling a follow up visit.