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Arborist Blog About Trees

Mountain Laurel Tree – Sophora secundiflora

May 16, 2015

Mountain laurels are probably one of the most hardy and versatile ornamental trees. They offer beautiful, fragrant flowers, evergreen foliage and thrive in a variety of environments. They are quite pricy if you try to buy one from your local nursery, however mountain laurels are super easy to grow from seed if you have the patience. (keep reading…)

The Oldest Trees in Central Texas

October 7, 2014

Historical context is one my favorite attributes of trees. But, how old are trees, really? Specifically, how old are trees in my neck of the woods here in central Texas? I’m pretty sure there’s no one alive today who has seen the oldest tree in central Texas; with no one alive to ask, that leaves us looking for clues. (keep reading…)

All About Arizona Cypress

September 19, 2014

Arizona cypress (Cupressus arizonica) could possibly be the perfect evergreen conifer for central Texas. It’s silvery blue-green foliage is striking. Arizona cypress is very hardy to the area, and it grows at a very fast rate. And to top it off, there are no common pests. If you are looking for a hardy tree with a striking aesthetic, look no further! (keep reading…)

Eve’s Necklace – Styphnolobium affine

September 5, 2014

Eve’s necklace is one of my favorite ornamental trees. Unlike it’s close relative, mt. laurel, eve’s necklace is very under utilized in modern landscapes in my opinion. Being a fully native plant, it thrives in Austin and most all of central Texas. Eve’s necklace provides year round interest: bright green new growth, flowers in the spring, beaded seed pods in the fall. (keep reading…)

Anacacho Orchid Tree – Bauhinia congesta

August 27, 2014

Anacacho orchid tree is one of my personal favorite small to mid size trees. It’s great for a focal point ornamental or for getting a tree into tight spaces. The tree is native to western central Texas; Austin is slightly outside of the tree’s natural range, but it does thrive here. The tree’s canopy tends to be thin naturally; it has a fine, delicate texture which allows light through for understory plants. Anacacho orchid is a good butterfly tree. (keep reading…)

Tree Appraisal Outlook

August 14, 2014

How much is a tree worth? In dollars, I’m not talking about the sentimental value (that’s impossible to calculate). Performing a tree appraisal to assign a dollar value to trees in some ways is straight forward; in other ways, it is very complex. I’ve been involved in a number of projects where I’m appraising the value of trees. Almost every time, somebody is trying to tell me how I should be valuing the tree. (keep reading…)

Hypoxylon Canker

August 6, 2014

By far, the most prevalent tree disease I encounter is Hypoxylon canker. It affects nearly every species of tree native in our area. The disease typically targets stressed trees during drought conditions, so you can imagine how central Texas is a great niche for this sapwood fungal disease. (keep reading…)

Summer Limb Drop

July 17, 2014

Every year, starting in late June I see limb failures that appear to be caused by a fungus developing a pressure pad directly in the inner fibers of the wood. The pressure from this growth causes the wood to shear and the limb fails.

(keep reading…)

Tub Grinder Brush Recycling (Mulching) Service

July 2, 2014

As a business practice, we have always recycled all debris via local brush recycling company. However, with the purchase of a tub grinder, now we recycle our own brush. Recycling our brush in house will allow us to offer more competitive pricing for our services that require mulch. And we’ll get better quality control over the mulch product. (keep reading…)

Keith Brown Appointed to Urban Forestry Board

June 26, 2014

Do you know about the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry Board? The primary purpose of the board is to provide the citizens of Austin a portal to voice their concerns about policies and practices regarding the city’s public trees. (keep reading…)