4 thoughts on “Eve’s Necklace – Styphnolobium affine”

  1. I have too many Eve’s Necklace trees in my yard. It seems like every time a seed pod drops, it grows. It’s becoming invasive. The branches on the mature trees drop off and they are alarming. Has this been the case with a lot of people? Thanks!

    1. Hi Melinda,

      The Desert Legume Program is a joint project of Boyce Thompson Arboretum and the University of Arizona College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. I am wondering if you are interested in contributing some of your additional seeds from your Eve’s Necklace trees (Styphnolobium affine) to our seed bank. We are will to pay for shipping if you are willing to do that. We will accept the seeds that are still in their pods. Please check our website to learn about our seed bank. Thank you! Kenneth Coppola, Horticultural Specialist, Desert Legume Program 520-647-2460, kcoppola@email.arizona.edu

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