2 thoughts on “City of Westlake Hills Tree Ordinance Information”

  1. Hi- I have an Arizona Ash in Buckingham estates that may be about 25 yrs old. I had it trimmed significantly and many of the large roots cut in May 2011. There is a limestone wall around the base about a foot out, with violets(?) planted around it. the stones have started falling off and I would like to remove them and pull up the flowers so the base of the tree is undecorated and natural. is there any benefit to having the little wall around it, or flowers, and if I do remove it, should I add anything to the base to prolong it’s life such as mulch? I’ve looked at others in the neighborhood and have seen a mix from rock walls or plants to nothing at all at the base and want to do what is healthiest for the tree. I have been watering with a soaker hose around the roots.

    For my two live oaks that are planted 4 feet apart, I’ve been letting the seeds grow little plants around them- is there any reason to maintain or cut the little plants? The trees were also trimmed about 25% in May. I have no grass and plan to add some kind of indigenous ground cover to front and back yards so have not bothered with maintenance, but want to care for the trees until i do that.


  2. I had a meeting with Christy. I asked to remove CEDARS over 6″ dia. from my property; I offered mitigating with live oaks. She said the City of Westlake does not recognize mitigation at any capacity. One month later, she suggested I mitigate a dying live oak. I’m very put out with her and the City of Westlake’s double standards.

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