2 thoughts on “Identifying Oak Wilt: the Challenges and the Solution”

  1. You mention a visiting the site over the period of a year. I have just watched my red oak lose its bark at its base, spread up the tree turning to a powder green leaves dying and limbs falling off in 3mths only the top is still alive on the most recent victim and I just cut down an adult that died in six mth. I spent alot of time in the woods but I never seen anything like it we have lost 20 trees on 5 arcres in the last 9mths here in Arcade, Ga. I don’t have any money to stop this but would like to try something that will save the big oaks I have left.

  2. I’m no arborist but I think I have Oak Wilt. If the tree is dead. It died in one season. The bark has almost completely fallen off. There are black patches under the bark.
    Do I cut the tree out or wait for someone to identify it first?

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