Keith Brown Appointed to Urban Forestry Board

Do you know about the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry Board? The primary purpose of the board is to provide the citizens of Austin a portal to voice their concerns about policies and practices regarding the city’s public trees.

In November of 2013, I was appointed to the urban forestry board. Please let me know about all your concerns for public trees. The operative word there is public. That means we are talking about trees along the right-of-way (close to streets and sidewalks), in the parks and around city owned buildings. The urban forestry board does not really deal much with privately owned trees.

Our meetings are open to the public; you can see the meeting schedule on the city’s website here.

Urban Forest Master Plan

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One thought on “Keith Brown Appointed to Urban Forestry Board”

  1. hello, we planted a monterrey oak tree(ted’s trees) around 4 years ago.this spring we noticed yellow dots on half of the tree leaves.we tried in vain to find what this means on the internet.can’t get a hold of ted’s trees people(not surprised!) and still do not have answers.could you help us? we are on the east side and really love our tree.thanks,linda 512-480-0475

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