3 thoughts on “No Tree Left Behind”

  1. I live in the new city of Ivanhoe, TX just south of Woodville and we are beginning the process of writing a tree ordinance. Thanks for the info on you blog.

  2. I’m from the North East of England and pretty much all of the trees that I’ve seen display any health problems that they have been subjected to across their lives. It is more realistic to treat one tree as a colony rather than an individual. The stem or trunk would be seen simply as an extension of the roots that support the population. Unhealthy trees rarely fall down. They adapt and more often than not become stronger than before. A 20 year history would make no difference. Regular checks on the trees would. A condition that is so severe that a tree would collapse would only have affected the tree for a matter of months anyway. If the trees are checked regularly, symptoms of said conditions would be spotted and the problem can be remedied.

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