Landscaper’s Guide for Construction Site – Tree Ordinance Mitigation

As a landscaper, your job might not be to manage tree ordinance compliance, but planting trees from this specific list will help your client (the contractor) keep their costs down. Planting trees from the list below will count toward the tree mitigation fines. Any plantings that are done as a requirement to the landscape plan do NOT count toward tree mitigation. But, if you happen to plant above and beyond the requirements then the extra will count.

city of austin_treeList_revised
city of austin_treeList_revised

75% of the trees planted must be from the class one list; 25% can be from the class two list.

pdf version of list
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Construction Site Tree Protection

There are several facets of construction site tree protection that need to be covered. Most of the basics are pretty straight forward. Since all construction sites are different, the tricky part is understanding the impact to trees on your particular site. Some of the things you can do yourself, and some of the techniques will require you to hire a professional tree guy.
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