6 thoughts on “Tree Pruning: volume 4, When to Prune Trees”

  1. Hello again.

    Good points.

    Its really important that a good arborist understand their local trees and conditions, rather than a national rule of thumb. And you pointed that out nicely.

    Enjoy your spring,

    MDV ~ Oregon

  2. What is the white, yellow & green sap bleeding out of the Arizona Ash Trees in Converse, TX toward the bottom of the trunk on the North side of the trees, never seen this before, trees were planted in 1968? Neighbor tree is thick white snowy mound on the North side of the tree?

  3. I have two Arizona ash is my back yard that are 27 years old. Three sides are healthy with beautiful leaves. One side, to the middle of the yard, more sun the branches do not have leaves. Will you tell me what is happening and what I should do? Is there a professional pruner you recommend? Should I prune in the fall or winter? Than you

    1. If you can post some photos, I might be able to help. Your comment doesn’t offer any information about what the cause might be. TreesAreGood.com has a tool where you can search for certified arborists in your area to help you find a professional pruning service.

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