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  1. Correction:

    Hello, question from Barcelona, Spain: I need fast response by return due to your experience with cypresses and conifers. You are likely aware there are ‘sufferers’ in US who have sensations of ‘bugs’ crawling over their skins. Health system diagnoses Ekbom’s syndrome. I think those attacks have as etiologic agents a pest from
    cypress in garden below near to my balcony, as I have tested: spider mites. Do you know where can I send samples captured in adhesive paper to identify species if a pest is really present in my dwelling? Best regards and thanks from Dr. F. Ruiz

  2. The bald cypress is not a cypress despite its name and (while native to central Texas) is not a “cypress native to central Texas.” There are no cypresses native to central Texas.

  3. Could charles tell what a cypress tree is? Yes, common names are confusing.That is why scientific names are around. See the web site for Crider ranch on the Frio River.m This species of tree under discussion has been Texas for a while now.

  4. Love the article. One question: How far away does each of the cypress mentioned has to be from a swimming pool? Thank you.

  5. I live in Fredericksburg and would like to know where and the costs of Arizona cypress trees available for me to plant.


  6. I would like to know the name of the cyprus installed by a nursery here in Flo. SC. This thing drinks water or else it will make dead stems and needles. I have 3 gorgeous Lelands, never any trouble. This new one is also sticky and has no shape.

  7. We have a ranch on the black river with a lot of cypress trees.With the recent flood many were knocked down or the tops broke of and many had their outer bark peeled off. Will these trees survive,can I do anything to help them

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