6 thoughts on “Tree Fertilizer Products for the Do It Yourselfer”

  1. I recently had my land timbered and was wondering is there anything to promte grow from the tree stumps?? I.E. a spray or granular form??

    1. The difference between a timber environment and urban forest perspective is significant. I do not have any practical experience growing trees for timber.

      Off-the-cuff…I’d say throw the whole kitchen sink at it. Use the highest rate recommended on nitrogen fertilizer labels, use products with balanced mix of growth hormones and highest recommended rate of humid acid.

      The value of trees grown from stumps is a whole other subject. Again, I’m not qualified to comment on properly.

    1. It sounds like you have black Carpenter ants. Not good. They will hollow out a tree and make it vulnerable to high winds. We have lost several trees due to storms and hurricanes and the Carpenter ants had done much damage. They are as bad as termites, I believe.

  2. I just planted several trees in my yard and have found your fertilizer series incredibly informative. You say to apply humic acid and superthrive every 6-8 weeks. Is that throughout the year even winter? I’m in Austin if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  3. I planted my monterrey oak back in February of last year. They seem
    to be doing well I kept them watered good through the summer time..I plan to fertilize using the Vigoro fruit spikes. The tree’s are about 6″ inches around the base and about 12′ tall. When should I fertilize them
    and how much should I use. This is mid December in deep south
    Texas. Thanks

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