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Tree Inventory, Tree Survey & Maps

Tree inventory services are included for all properties enrolled in our Healthy Tree Program and are available to other customers as well. The inventory is set up to track health and stats for the trees on your property. Above is a sample of our tree inventory tool. If you click on any marker (tree), you'll see a pop up window open with details about that tree. Click on the thumbnail image to open a slideshow of all the pictures we have for that tree. Starred trees correspond to City of Austin Heritage Tree designation (24" diameter and larger). Trees with serious health problems are flagged red. Specifics can be found under the information window.

Please note that our tree inventories are not survey grade, and therefore, are not suitable for submission as site development tree surveys to most municipalities in the area. However, if you already have a tree survey from a registered surveyor, we can display your data and use the map to track service completion. This is very useful for sites with large numbers of trees. Visit our construction site tree services page to see our construction site services.