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Tub Grinding & Land Clearing

Tub Grinding Service

tub grinder mulching brush recycling

Do you have a big pile of brush? We have a really big tub grinder. Whether you are doing lot clearing for new construction or selective removal of invasive species, if you accumulate a large pile of brush we offer tub grinding service to mulch it for you.

Our brush recycling and mulching services are for large scale projects. Our tub grinder is the size of an 18 wheeler trailer and there is considerable set up involved. If you simply tring to get rid of a small amount of yard trimmings, this is way over-kill.

Land Clearing

For large subdivisions, it's conventional for the contractor to bull doze all the brush into a pile and we just provide the tub grinding service for the project. However, if you have a single lot or just a few acres, we can provide the clearing and the mulching service.

If you need more selective type clearing we can utilize one of our knowledgeable pruning crews to go through and do the tree removals and then come back with small machinery to collect all the debris into piles for tub grinding.

Forestry Mower

Forestry mowing is good for mulching up trees in place. This is good for right-of-way vegetation management or large scale cedar removal for land restoration projects. The process leaves the mulch spread evenly across the land. Resultant mulch from this process is typically larger and more stringy that what you'll see from a wood chipper or tub grinding operation.