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Digital Tree-Tool Directory

Jurisdiction Map

Jurisdiction Map image

This interactive map will help you determine what jurisdiction your house is in. We use this tool to confirm what municipal regulations need to be follow for any given property. Just type in an address and viola!

Mulch Calculator

Mulch calculator image

Our mulch calculator tool is on online interactive map that helps you determine volumes of mulch needed for your project. You type your address to zoom the map to your house. Then, start clicking around the perimeter of the area you want to mulch. Once you have drawn the area, enter the mulch depth desired and your calculations are made to tell you the square feet of the area you've drawn and the number of yards of mulch you'll need to fill your desired depth.

Tree Fungus Finder

Fungus Finder App

The fungus finder tool is a running list of important tree fungi that are active locally. It's useful to help become familiar different tree fungi and works well as a launching pad for more thorough research.

Tree Appraisal Calculator

Fungus Finder App

This tree appraisal calculator uses a trunk formula method to arrive at a value based on information you provide. Ultimately, you need to know a lot of other details to do a real tree appraisal.