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Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Removal Info

tree removal austin, tx Unfortunately, even with the best care no tree will live forever. Removal of trees is sometimes necessary to mitigate hazards, to reduce competition within stands of trees, or to accommodate development. Austin Tree Experts can handle tree removal of any size or difficulty. More importantly, our arborists can provide you the information you need to make the decision about when to proceed with taking down your tree. Where appropriate we can also recommend alternatives to removal. We handle 100% of the permitting process for removals within the city of Austin or other local jurisdictions where permits may be required. We also offer stump removal services (listed separately). tree removal austin company removing trees is our speciality.

austin tree removal

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Tree Removal Pricing

Price for tree removal services are based on many factors. Size of the tree is the obvious main factor. The extent of landscaping adjacent to the tree will influence our time on the job. The location of the tree is another important factor. Trees located in a back yard require much more time due to the labor of hauling debris around the house and to the street. Access to the tree can greatly affect price as well. If we can get a small piece of equipment, like a bobcat, to the tree it will help removal of large logs. We do not charge for estimates so please contact us to receive a free quote.

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

stump removal

Stump grinding involves a special piece of equipment that physically grinds the stump and any large surface roots into sawdust to a depth of approximately 4". When the grinding is complete you'll have a hole in the ground filled with sawdust. You can pull the sawdust out and replace with soil to replant grass or small bedding plants on top. To plant a new tree, you'll need to move over a couple feet, as new trees can't be planted in the exact same spot. This is generally what we recommend for stump removal.

Stump Excavation

Excavation will remove the entire stump and much of the root plate. This work is done by backhoe for large stumps, so damage to adjacent landscaping or underground utilities is likely. Cost for this service is cumulative of backhoe service, hauling away the stump, fill soil and repairs to the landscape.