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Tree Trimming

General Info about Tree Trimming

tree trimming and trimming

Trimming of trees is our single largest category of work at Austin Tree Experts. trimming should always be done with a specific objective in mind and should be performed according to industry standards. A bad trimming job is much worse than an eyesore; it can damage or even kill a tree and can ruin the aesthetics of the tree for years to come. Good trimming on the other hand leaves the tree looking better than before. It can improve the structure of the tree, speed the closure of wounds, and help the tree coexist with adjacent structures and even other trees. Periodic trimming is generally recommended for urban trees; 3-5 years is a standard trimming cycle. Light "touch-up" trimmings are often needed between standard services.

Common reasons for tree trimming include dead wood removal, removal of damaged or rubbing branches, trimming for clearance at buildings or above yards and roadways, or trimming to improve views. This list is by no means exhaustive; contact us for a free estimate and one of our Certified Arborists can meet you on site to identify your trees' needs and develop appropriate trimming specifications.

What to Expect From our Tree Trimming Service

Our arborists are available either to meet you in person or to drive by your location and work up a set of proposals for you to review at your convenience. Once you've approved the work our office will schedule the trimming. Generally our crews work from a set of specifications drawn up by the arborist; however, if needed the arborist can meet the crew on site to go over any details. When the work is complete our Quality Control Arborist will follow up within a day or two to verify that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. You'll be invoiced after his inspection.

A note on safety: while we certainly don't mind you watching us work it's important for your protection to remain clear of the work area while crews are present. Any direction that needs to be provided to the crews will be provided by the foreman or arborist.

About our Tree Trimming Crews

tree trimming crews

All crews are led by ISA Certified Tree Workers with many years of experience. We run both two and three person crews, each with a slightly different area of expertise. Crews will be assigned to your project by our office manager and the arborist based on availability and your particular needs.

Visit the trimming category of our blog for more detailed information on our approach to tree trimming. tree trimming in austin, tx requires good trimming knowledge and well trained trimmers.

Tree Trimming Austin

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