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Tree Planting

Tree Planting Service Details

Austin Tree Experts offers complete tree installation services. One of our Certified Arborists can help you identify the species that best matches your needs and your location. We work with the best nurseries in the state of Texas to provide healthy, properly grown trees. We also provide unparallelled support after planting. All installations include a one year warranty and one year of our Healthy Tree Program to make sure they get off to a good start. Extended warranty is available as well with continuation of maintenance program.

What Sets Our Tree Planting Service Apart

tree planting

The mortality rate for newly planted trees in Austin is shockingly high. We get phone calls all the time from people with trees less than five years old that are struggling or have died. Unfortunately, many of these problems are the direct result of the way the trees were either grown or planted. Other problems come from bad or conflicting advice about how to care for them.

To thrive, trees must be grown and treated properly at the farm. They need proper root pruning and canopy pruning. When they are planted the root ball must be trimmed and they must be planted at the correct depth. Failure to trim the root ball or excessive planting depth will stunt or kill the tree. They require the correct amount of irrigation and appropriate fertilization during their establishment period.

Austin Tree Experts takes the guesswork out of all these issues. We only plant quality nursery stock, our trained crews handle the installations themselves, and our warranty (with the extended multi-year option) and Healthy Tree Program offer your new tree unparallelled support.

What You Should Know About Tree Planting

We'll be glad to come out for a free estimate and discuss tree planting any time of year. Our planting season, however, runs from October through February. Trees planted later than this are more likely to suffer moisture stress during the summer as a result of insufficiently development root systems. We can plant outside the recommended season, but trees planted in spring and summer are excluded from warranty coverage through their first summer.

Recommended species include a variety of oaks (live, red, Monterrey, chinkapin), cedar elm, Mexican sycamore, Montezuma cypress, Texas mountain laurel, redbud, crape myrtle, and others. Some commonly planted species are not suited to our climate or soil type and shouldn't be planted. We'd be glad to work with you in selecting the right tree.

Warranty coverage requires watering per Austin Tree Experts instructions, which will be provided at the time of planting. Unfortunately we can't make an exception to this requirement for watering restrictions. Warranty coverage also requires prior approval from one of our arborists for any application of fertilizers, pest, or weed control products in the vicinity of the tree by you or by lawn companies or landscapers working on your property. We also require that we handle all pruning needs of the tree during the warranty period.