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Mulch and Compost

Our Materials

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Our compost and mulch comes directly from locally harvested yard trimmings. It's derived from broken down woody debris with no additives like manure, dillo dirt or any other material. Austin Tree Experts products are 100% vegan. We have complete control over our material. Most mulch available on today's market is sourced through multiple channels. Large scale vegetation collection and recycling facilities run the risk of foreign materials like metals, used oil and other waste products being hidden in the brush they receive. All of the brush that goes into our products comes directly from our customers yards; it's hauled in on our trucks via our employees. We keep a tight reign over the quality of our material.


Our compost is screened to a 3/4" maximum particle size and includes particles ranging from very fine up to 3/4" size. This diversitey in particle size allows for excellent quick acting benefits from the very fine particles, along with delayed benefits (for many additional months) as the larger particles break down and are incorporated into the soil.

The application of compost to your yard, gardens and trees is the single best method you can employ to improve soil conditions and root growing conditions. This leads to significantly improved plant and tree health.


Our standard mulch product is double grind and screened to a 1.5" particle size. It has a low concentration of smaller particle sizes and therefore is well suited for applications where aesthetics and long mulch life are important. Because the smaller particles are screened out, this product contains high volume of larger particles compared to our power mulch. The larger particles break down slower and provide longer aesthetic benefits.

Power Mulch

Power mulch provides the best of both compost and mulch. It contains a blend of fine and larger size particles. This is great for situations where short term soil and tree health benefits from compost are desired, along with the long term benefits of larger particles of mulch. Ausitn Tree Experts recommends applying a 4" layer of power mulch to your trees. This will result in approximately 1" layer of compost settling and 2.5" layer of mulch. Some voulume is lost with time to compression of air pockets through rainfall, irrigation and foot traffic. The ratio by weight is approximately 3:1 mulch to compost (this is approximate and not a guaranteed analysis).

Rough Mulch

Our rough mulch is larger particle size that typically has not been stored or processed to a significant degree. This type of mulch is great for mulch trails as it decomposes very slowly. It is also good for ground cover when soil protection is need to prevent soil compaction from heavy traffic such as construction sites.

Delivery and Spreading Application Services

Delivery and application/spreading services are available. Contact us to request a quote for service.