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Tree Protection

The Standard Tree Protection service includes installation of chainlink fence with t-posts and mulching the ½ critical root zone. There are frequently other tree services necessary for construction sites such as airspading, fertilization, pruning and more; none of these other services are considered in our tree protection price calculator.

Tree Protetion Fencing

stump removal

As part of our standard tree protection package, we install chainlink fence with t-posts around the ½ CRZ. This is the standard protection from the city's environmental criteria manual. There are scenarios where alternative tree protection is done, but this is most common.


We apply a 4" layer of our power mulch inside the fenced ½ CRZ to provide health benefits to the tree. Some scenarios that require alternative protection methods will receive a different mulching technique.

Alternative Tree Protection

In some instances where the ½ CRZ is impacted by construction or where new construction is immediately adjacent to a tree's ½ CRZ, an alternative tree protection technique is required. In this scenario, we will typically not install chainlink fence around the tree; instead, we will wrap lumber around the trunk of the tree to prevent physical damage to the trunk and install a 8-12" layer of rough mulch over the ½ CRZ to prevent soil compaction. We'll also spread a thin layer of compost under the mulch to provide benefit to the tree.

Other Services

City regulation also requires that any pruning be comleted by a certified arborist. We will provide tree pruning bids on an as-needed basis and are not incuded in the pricing from our tree protection calculator. Same goes for airspading services; they are not including in the pricing calculator. However, any trenching or other disturbance to the soil inside the ½ CRZ of a protected tree must be performed by an airspade. Any root pruning, if allowed, must be done by a certified arborist. Tree fertilization, if needed, will also be bid separately.

Feel free to email construction plans that show building and tree locations and we're happy to provide a free consultion that includes evaluating your plans and performing a site visit to determine your exact tree protection needs.